Aleksandr "Alek" Pedron
Alek - Yugioh AP
Name Aleksandr "Alek" Pedron
Role Protagonist
Deck Type Machine
Status Presumed Dead

Aleksandr Pedron, better known by his nickname of Alek, is the protagonist and main character of the Yu-Gi-Oh! AP series. As of the second series, he is eighteen years old. During the first series, he enrolled in Duel Academy and was placed in Slifer Red. Through the process of advancing, he met up with some of his old friends who had also enrolled in the Academy and became the leader of the titular "Gang", which included his old mentor, his former best friend, an old schoolmate, and his best friend's love interest, as well as himself.

Throughout the series, he has proven himself to be the most powerful duelist out of the five, and to date has only lost two duels: an exhibition match against Jaden Yuki and Syrus Truesdale and a rather skewed match against Kate while he was possessed by the evil powers within a Malefic Cyber End Dragon card. He uses a Machine-based deck that forms around the Cyber Dragon series of monsters and the Machina family of monsters, along with supporting Spell and Trap cards.

He is currently presumed to be dead after losing a Shadow Duel to Kate while possessed by his darker side, and falling off a skyscraper.


Alek is the second tallest of the "Gang" (after Caleb), and stands a comfortable 5' 11". He has long, very spikey dirty blond hair, which is one of his most recognizable traits. He wears a unique jacket which resembles a cross between a windbreaker and a sport coat, colored white, and also wears light grey jeans. He carries a Neo-Domino issue Duel Disk on his left arm (in this first series this was a Duel Academy Disk), colored blue. He is 18 years old, and looks it.


Modesty aside, Alek is perhaps the most noble character in the series. Before his Trial Tag-Duel alongside Eddie, he was seen trying to motivate the depressed duelist and get him on his feet, figuratively speaking. During the second series, he was also seen working alongside Caleb and Zach to get Eddie and Kate back together. After the pair lost the Tag-Team Torunament in the semifinals during the first series, he gave Eddie his Cyber Valley card as a graduation present and tried to cheer them both up.

Apart from his comraderie, Alek also has a strong sense of justice and a good grasp of right and wrong, which is one of the reasons his friends became so worried when he began avoiding him during the Dark Side story arc. He also has a strong will and a perservering attitude, which was demonstrated during his dark side's duel with Kate in the same story arc, when he was able to break through for a few precious seconds and tell Kate of the weakness of the Malefic Cyber End Dragon.

Aside from this, Alek is more or less a normal teenager, and like such things as soda and slacking off. He also has a sharp sense of humor and a sarcastic side, both of which keep his friends on thier toes.


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