Eddie Vlha
Eddie - Yugioh AP
Name Eddie Vlha
Role Antiheroic Protagonist
Deck Type Beatdown (Duel One-Duel Five) Vehicroid (Duel Six-Duel Fourteen) Divine (Duel 15-Duel 28) Spellcaster (second series)
Status Alive

Edward Vlha (pronounced Vul-'ah), better known by his nickname Eddie, is a character and protagonist in the Yu-Gi-Oh! AP fanfiction series (although he began as an antagonist). He is Alek's former best friend and Kate's boyfriend. He was the first of Alek's "Gang" to be introduced, as Alek dueled him in Duel Two, resulting in his loss. During the first series his deck changed types several times, starting off as a Beatdown deck and then, after dueling with Alek in the final trial, changing to a Vehicroid deck. During the last story arc, the Tag-Team Tournament, he dueled with a Divine deck, based around The Creator and Felgrand Dragon, along with some Fairy-type support cards. During the secong season we find out he has built a Spellcaster deck based around Arcanite Magician and its evolved form, Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode.

Although Eddie has proven himself to be a capable duelist, he is hindered by his own arrogance, leading to his defeat in several cases. This was most displayed during his first duel with Alek in the first series, when he assumed his Five-Headed Dragon was invincible, only to see its downfall when Alek played his Mirror Force card and left Eddie's field open.


Eddie is neither tall nor short, but is somehwere in the middle range, standing at 5' 9". He has medium-length, light blond hair and usually wears some sort of expensive-looking sport coat. He carries a Neo-Domino issue Duel Disk (in the first series this was a Duel Academy Disk) on his left arm, colored black. He likes to wear jeans, and wears a belt around his hips on which he carries a deck box.

During the first series he wore all of the school's colors: during Duel Two he wore the Obelisk Blue uniform, in Duel Five he wore a Slifer Red uniform due to his demotion, and in Duel Six we find he was recently promoted to Ra Yellow, which he stayed in for the remainder of the series.


The first and most notable thing about Eddie is his arrogance. One of the main reasons other characters, particularly Zach, butt heads with him most is because he never treats his opponents fairly, often dissing them before, during, and after a duel, especially if he wins. Caleb supposedly attempted anger management therapy on him once, but apparently it turned out that "he's beyond help".

Aside from this (according to Kate), he apparently is a bit of a ladies' man, and can be very suave and debonair. He also is an excellent strategist, as during Alek's first duel in the Duel Academy Tag-Team Torunament he was able to correctly figure out Alek's strategy even when none of the others could, including Caleb (Although he later admitted to himself that even he would never have thought of it, another testament to Alek's dueling skill), who was Alek's partner at the time.

Aside from these exceptional triats, though, Eddie is very much like Alek: he enjoys dueling and having fun, and was even seen with a wide grin during his duel alongside Alek in the second Tag-Team Tournament.


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  • This is the guy that turned into a douchebag in real life, by the way.
  • Eddie's deck in Neo Domino Duels was originally intended to be a Psychic deck, however this was later given to Caleb as it was thought it would fit his personality better.

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