Kate Lawrence
Kate - Yugioh AP
Name Kate Lawrence
Role Protagonist
Deck Type Ritual (first series) Zombie (second series)
Status Alive

Kaitlyn Lawrence, better known by her nickname Kate, is a protagonist in the Yu-Gi-Oh! AP fanfiction series and a friend of Alek Pedron. She is also currently dating Eddie. Sometime between the first series, Duel Academy Adventures, and the second series, Neo Domino Duels, she broke up with Eddie and developed a grudge against him, but they were later brought back together thanks to the intervention of Alek, Zach, and Caleb. She became part of Alek's "Gang" after developing a crush on Eddie during Duel Five that later became an obsession. Thoughout the first season, the obsession was tempered and later grew into something like love between the two of them. (But enough about that. This is Yu-Gi-Oh!, not a love story.)

Interestingly enough, throughout the series her decks have followed a DARK theme. During the first series, she played a Ritual deck based around Demise, King of Armageddon and Ruin, Queen of Oblivion. This deck proved invaluable during the Blast from the Past story arc, when Kate dueled against Alek's old girlfriend to prevent her from causing him to drop out. During the second series, Kate plays a Zombie deck based around Doomkaiser Dragon and Archfiend Zombie-Skull.


Kate is the shortest member of the "Gang", at around 5' 7". She has long, waist-length blonde hair that is so light it almost looks white, and pale skin. She is the only main character ever seen wearing short sleeves, as she wore the Obelisk Blue girls' uniform in the first series and wears a maroon-colored V-neck t-shirt with white pants in the second series. She looks younger than her real age, 18, and is often looked down on by people who don't know her because of it, although she is always quick to correct them. She carries a Neo-Domino issue Duel Disk on her left arm, colored red(in the first series this was a Duel Academy Disk).


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