Yu-Gi-Oh! AP: Dark Signs, Dark Time was a special episode of the fanfiction series Yu-Gi-Oh! AP that was released as a Halloween special in August 2010 as a pre-Halloween Special that featured new characters not canonical to the Yu-Gi-Oh! AP storyline. Although the episode was not technically part of the storyline, it was labeled under the Yu-Gi-Oh! AP franchise because the main character was named Alexan Prysmbane, and thus his intials are AP.


  • Alexan Prysmbane

The main character of Dark Signs, Dark Times and the second in command of the Dark-verse Dark Signers, Alexan Prysmbane is more or less a darker, more evil version of Alek Pedron, and is the same age as him. During the half-hour special, he is revealed to be an adept duelist, quite his lighter version's equal. That, plus the similarities in names, hasled many fans to believe that Prysmbane is an alternate-universe version of Alek, and represents what could have possibly happened if the Malefic Cyber End Dragon had succeded in controlling him. However, one major difference between the two is that Prysmbane plays a DARK-themed deck based around his Earthbound Immortal, Wiraquocha Rasca, and thus is most likely a different character. Overall, Xelak described him as "A dark character, and definatly not an anti-hero. This guy is a villian after all, not a wishy-washy minor antagonist. The only thing probably stopping him from becoming the leader of the Dark Signers is the fact that he is 0% leadership skills, and 100% percent deviousness. He is the type that wants supreme power, and could do anything with it, but recognizes that if he took it everything would fall apart. Definitely not someone you'd want to meet in a dark alley."

  • Devon Violetta

The "antagonist" of the episode, another Dark Signer who has a deep jealousy of Alexan and is looking for a shot at the top, and is 18 years old. His personality is somewhat based off of Xelak's real-life brother, Xidven. He is a well-rounded duelist, not as good as Alexan but still somewhat of a threat. He plays a Winged-Beast/Burn/DARK-based deck focused around his Earthbound Immortal, Aslla piscu. During the special he is revealed as being deeply ambitious and evil, and is willing to sacrifice his fellow Dark Signers to take command. Xelak said about him, "This is seriously my brother. No lie. This is Mr. Stuntman, Mr. Adventure, Mr. In-you-face. Well, okay, maybe Devon is quite like that but at least the name sounds cool, right?"

  • Roman Godwin

The leader of the Dark Signers. He has a very minor role in the episode, and is only seen at the beginning. He plays an Insect-type deck based around his Earthbound Immortal, Uru.


The special episode begins with a flashback. Alexan, as a normal human, is dueling and older man, who appears to be about 21. Alexan summons his ultimate monster, Cyber Ogre 2 (a nod to Alek), and attacks his opponent's Great Maju Garzett, which has 4600 attack points. His opponent, however, activate his face-down Shadow Spell, stopping Cyber Ogre 2 and reducing its ATK to 1900. The man for his turn declares an attack with his monster, lowering Alexan's Life Points from 1750 to 50. Alexan begins to despair because of the hopelessness of the situation, but suddenly his frustrated sobs turn into a demented laugh, as dark power surrounds him. He activates his own face-down Trap, which is Trap of Darkness, allowing him to remove from play Regretful Rebirth in his Graveyard to use its effect, Special Summoning a Double Coston to his field. He then activates the Field Spell Card, Mystic Plasma Zone, and tributes Double Coston to summon Earthbound Immortal Wiraquocha Rasca.

The flashback is suddenly interrupted when Alexan is awoken from his sleep by Roman, who calls him from his position huddled against a ruined stone wall in the Old Momentum for a Dark Signer meeting. During the meeting, Roman attempts to explain tactics to defeat their enemies, the Signers, but is interrupted by a dispute between Alexan and another, antagonistic Dark Signer, called Devon. Sometime after the meeting, Alexan is confronted in the hallways of the Old Momentum by Devon, who challenges him to a Shadow Duel, where the loser will be sent to hell for eternity. Alexan acts surprised, asking if Devon is so suicidal, but Devon interrupts him saying that Alexan has always been in Roman's way and in his opinion obstructions on the Road to Supreme Power need removal. Alexan snaps back saying that the only reason Devon wants him dead is because he is actually loyal to Roman, and could easily defeat Devon and his "little gang of traitors" with "one hand tied behind his back", (implying that some of the other Dark Signers wish to depose Roman as well) and accepts the challenge. Devon's Dark Sign appears on his wrist and when he comments on how Alexan's hasn't appeared and asks if he is actually going to try. Alexan smirks and turns around, saying hom Devon has obviously never seen him in action before as the condor mark appears on his back.

Alexan and Devon start the duel. Devon manages to get an early advantage by taking advantage of Alexan's aggressive style with his Blast Sphere cards and a combination of Upstart Goblin and Bad Reaction to Simochi; however Alexan manages to activate Heavy Storm and destroys Devon's Spell and Trap cards, putting him at an advantage. Alexan begins his comeback, using a combination of Ally of Justice Castator and DNA Transplant to use Castator's effect to full advantage.

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