Yu-Gi-Oh! AP: Duel Academy Adventures was the original series in the Yu-Gi-Oh! AP story, and began as a mere child's idea. The setting was the Duel Academy and surrounding island from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime and manga and the storyline featured the creator of the comic/manga in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, along with some of his friends.


Formerly known as Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Duel Academy Adventures, the premier series of Yu-Gi-Oh! AP was originally concieved as a one-shot comic in which the main character, Aleksandr "Alek" Pedron, faced his best friend with a less-than-standard beatdown deck. After reviewing by the then-all-of-like-ten-years-old-author, it was transformed from a silly bunch of drawings into a slightly-less-silly western-style manga series. Over time, it evolved into a complex storyline that encompassed many unique characters, including the author's former Yu-Gi-Oh! mentor and his then-best friend's love interest (they were older at this point, rest assured)(oh, and his best friend eventually became a douchebag for those who care). Unfortunatley, the comic itself was never physically finished and resisted several attempts to revive it. Thus, it passed into obscurity and was eventually re-concieved as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Neo Domino Duels, which was set after the end of Duel Academy Adventures in an attempt by the author to start over. This, however, also ultimately failed, but inspired a series of not-to-bad sketches that eventually led to all of the material for Yu-Gi-Oh! AP (as it was now known) to be transferred onto the web, where it now currently resides.


Duel Academy Adventures featured five main characters that were collectively known as the "Gang":

The unofficial "leader" of the "Gang", and the most powerful duelist seen since the likes of Yugi Mutou and Jaden Yuki. He enrolled in Duel Academy alone, but by advancing through the trials to be promoted from Slifer Red to Ra Yellow, he met up with five of his old friends and they banded together, becoming inseperable. He plays a Machine deck.

Alek's old mentor and the third most powerful duelist of the "Gang". He is a year older than Alek and serves as the "Gang"'s voice of reason, offering advice during tough times. He is soft spoken, but carries the weight of the wise in his words. He met Alek during his second trial duel. During his Duel Academy days, he played an Archfiend deck.

Alek's former best friend, he is a few months older than him and was the first to meet up with Alek. He is incredibly arrogant, and is often the bearer of the brunt of Caleb's rebukes. He originally began as an antagonist, and was the first duelist Alek had to face in the trials, but after losing reconciled himself and the two began hanging together. He played several types of decks in the first series, the most notable being a Vehicroid-themed one.

Another friend of Alek's from grade school, Zach is more or less the same age as Alek and was his third opponent in the trials. He is quiet, but intelligent, and is often ranked above Eddie in terms of dueling skill. After losing to Alek, he disappeared for a short time, but later reappeared just before the Tag-Team Tournament to assist Kate in gaining Alek's freedom from his jealous former girlfriend, and afterwards was considered a full member of Alek's "Gang". He plays a Warrior-themed deck.

The final "Gang" member Alek met, Alek knew Kate briefly back in grade school but was never really friends, and she is the most estranged member of the "Gang", often saying the only reason she's there is because of Eddie. She is loud and independent, and dislikes being discriminated against because of her gender. Besides Alek, she is the most powerful duelist in the "Gang", a fact demonstrated during the second series when she was the only one capable of defeating the possessed Alek (although Caleb never tried, so his strength is still in question). She played an End of the World Ritual deck in the first series.

Main Story ArcsEdit

  1. Advancement Trials Arc (Duels 1-5)
  2. Dorm Crisis Arc (Duels 6-12)
  3. Blast from the Past Arc (Duels 13-14)
  4. Tag-Team Tournament Arc (Duels 15-25)
  5. Graduation Arc (Duels 26-28)

Character DesignEdit

All of the character designs for Duel Academy Adventures were done by the creator, Xelak. Unfortunately, he was about ten or eleven at the time, and so the drawing consisted of stick figures with facial and hair features. Not exactly detailed. Nevertheless, the characters were all recognizeable by their distinctive hair styles, and, in some cases, by their skin color. Interestingly enough, and probably due to the fact that the author was lazy (and still is), all the charcters, except one, were blond(e). Go figure.

One bonus to the whole blond(e)-stick-figure thing was that all of the characters were incredibly easy to draw. Chapters took mere minutes to write and illustrate as opposed to hours. Yay for stick figure heroes!

Later, after several years of gaining experience wtih pen and pencil, Xelak went back and re-drew each of the main characters, this time looking like normal people. Zach was given brown hair, and Alek's hair color was darkened to dirty blond.




Um, it was a comic. Honestly? Didn't have much in the way of a soundtrack. In fact it had none.

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