Zachary "Zach" Days
Name Zachary "Zach" Days
Role Protagonist
Deck Type Warrior
Status Alive

An important but rather secondary member of Alek's Gang, Zachary Days, better known by his nickname "Zach", was actually the second person Alek met that would later become part of his posse. Zach's role in the early story was fairly ambiguous, and it was never clear until the third story arc where Zach's loyalties lay. However, since then, Zach has proven himself time and again to be a force to be reckoned in.

Clocking it at "rather short" - Zach is actually just under 5' 5" - Zach's appearance at first is decieving. Good-natured and laid-back, to the casual observer he appears to be and add-on or added flavor to Alek's powerful team. However, those who know him well, his iconic pensive stare and hair-flipping are only signs that he's just getting started. All of Zach's decks are built aound a beatdown/negation platform, designed to shut an opponent's effects down and sweep them out of the arena.

Currently, he is recovering from the negative effects of a Shadow Duel with the possessed Alek.


As said before, Zach's shaggy hair, mellow appearance and short stature often lead complete stragers to assume that he presents no threat. He prefers to wear a generic hooded zip-up sweatshirt, with a plain white undershirt, and blue jeans, further adding to the "casual-guy" appearance. His Duel Disk is a grey-colored, Neo Domino-model (Academy in the first series), worn on his left arm. He has black, straight hair, which he spikes slightly with gel but lets cover his right eye. His eyes are brown.


It could almost be said that Zach has two personalities. Outside of a duel, in accordance with his appearance, Zach is mellow and laid-back, almost to the point where he could be called a slacker or couch potato. However, interestingly enough, he tends to get competitive when talking about dueling.

During a duel, Zach's personality does a complete one-eighty. He is focused, openly aggressive, calculating, and a little hot-headed, but cool enough not to make a stupid mistake. Caleb, who took four years of Psychology as a side class at Duel Academy, one commented that "It makes perfect sense that Zach is aggressive in a duel and mellow outside. If he were one of those in both situations, or a mix of the two, he'd either be a horrible duelist or he wouldn't be able to relate to the rest of us."

Most interesting is Zach's duality with Alek's old mentor Caleb; although the two have their differences, working together as a team during a duel, the two so completely cover the other weaknesses that they are virtually unbeatable. Once while watching them duel, Alek commented that "Caleb, while certainly a duelist of the highest caliber, is so cautious when it comes to what he can't see that by Eddie's standards, he's cowardly. He tends to overthink things when he's not on a roll. Zach, on the other hand, has an aggression that tends to get him into trouble; he often charges straight at an opponent's lifepoints without a backup, instead of waiting another turn. However, watching them duel together,,,it's like watching an April shower and a summer breeze come together to create a Gulf Coast hurricane. Zach's aggression is tempered by Caleb's strategy, and Caleb has no choice but to let Zach throw himself at their opponents."


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